The Emergency Telephone System Fund, also known at the E-911 Center, is used to account for the revenues collected from a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all landline telephones, a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all wireless telephones (Phase I and II), a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all VOIP telephones, and a $0.75 surcharge placed on prepaid wireless devices. These funds are legally restricted to be used to operate the county-wide 911 emergency telephone system. This department’s certified communication officers receive and process emergency and non-emergency telephone calls on a county-wide basis and dispatches emergency personnel from the Sheriff’s Office, Hamilton, Pine Mountain, Shiloh, and Waverly Hall police departments, county-wide EMS, ten volunteer fire departments, and assists many other county departments and state agencies with their various communication needs. This department also maintains the county-wide Master Street Address Guide (MSAG). Lastly, this department acts as the local emergency management agency to coordinate various local and state agencies to prepare, respond, and recover from natural and manmade hazards, updates the local emergency operations plan, and performs community services for schools and civic organizations.

9907 SR 116
Hamilton, GA 31811

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Operational Hours

Monty Davis, 911/EMA Director
Jamie White, 911 Deputy Director
706-628-7161 (non-emergency number)

Department Stats
Full-Time Employees: 18
FY 2017-18 Budget: $1,462,884