*Solid Waste

Ronnie Duke, Supervisor
Joey Stanford, Assistant Sanitation Supervisor
Located at 4070 Barnes Mill Road, Hamilton
Mailing address 4070 Barnes Mill Road, Hamilton, GA 31811


Phone 706-582-2982 or -3704
Fax 706-582-3478

Open Monday-Saturday
Hours 8 – 4

Three Convenience Centers (Compactor Sites)

10244 Highway 116, Hamilton
4885 Highway 27, Cataula
592 Harrisville Road

Open Friday – Monday
7am – 5pm
Closed Tue, Wed, & Thurs

Solid Waste Holiday Schedule


The Solid Waste department is a self-supported department within the County government and operates from its revenues with no tax money used for operations. Solid Waste collects household garbage curbside once a week, but does not collect any bulky items (appliances), construction or demolition waste, or yard waste. Household garbage should be set out at the curb or other designated location by 8 AM on the day of your scheduled day of pick-up. Pick-up times can vary due to unforeseen circumstances, and there is no set time of day for garbage to be picked up. During inclement weather or on holidays, your garbage will be picked up within one or two working days (i.e. Pick up scheduled for Thanksgiving day will be the following Monday; pick up scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving will be the following Tuesday.)

Household garbage containers cannot be larger than a thirty-three (33) gallon can, which can be made of plastic, galvanized iron, tin, or other suitable material, and must have handles and tight-fitting lids. Having household garbage in plastic bags would be ideal, and, if your garbage cans are larger than 33 gallon, plastic bags (no larger than 33 gallons) are a must so that the bags can be pulled from the cans, since loose garbage will not be dumped due to the size of the cans. Wooden or metal boxes can be used to store your bagged garbage (in bags no larger than 33 gallons), and no loose garbage will be removed from such boxes. Be aware that both domesticated and wild animals will get into trash, especially bags, after it has been set out for pick-up, and workers will clean up as much as possible, but if this continues on a regular basis, better containers should be utilized.

Bulky items, like washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, furniture, mattresses, bedsprings, bicycles, etc., will not be picked up by the Solid Waste trucks, but they may be taken to the Harris County Transfer Station (on Barnes Mill Road in Hamilton) at no cost.

Yard waste (brush, trimmings, grass clippings, weeds, leaves, tree limbs, etc.) is not collected by the Solid Waste trucks and can also be taken to the Transfer Station at no cost. However, should there be any wire, fence posts, plastic or paper mixed in the yard waster, there will be a charge of $18.00 per don.

Construction and demolition waste (building material, rubble from construction, remodeling, or repair, which includes but is not limited to wood, brick, metal, concrete, wallboard, paper, cardboard, carpet, carpet padding, and plumbing fixtures) are not picked up by the Solid Waste trucks or accepted at the Convenience Centers, but must be taken to the Transfer Station, where a fee of $45.60 per ton will be charged. A fee is charged for the disposal of tires and batteries.

Animals and/or animal parts are not accepted after 12 PM on Friday or at anytime on Saturday. Large animals (cows, horses, goats, etc.) are not accepted at the Transfer Station at any time.