Probate Court

Allen Levi, Judge
Nancy Stewart, Clerk
Located in Room 116, Harris County Courthouse at 102 North College Street, Hamilton, GA 31811
Phone: 706-628-5038
Fax: 706-628-7322
Open Monday-Friday
Hours 8 – 5 (until 4:30 for licenses)

Matters handled by the Probate Court include:
Probate of wills
Administration of estates
Guardians of incapacitated adults
Temporary guardians of minors
Issuance of Marriage Licenses ($66.00)
Issuance of Weapons Carry Licenses ($79.25)
Copies of court documents ($1.00 per page)
Certified Copies ($11.00)
To obtain standard forms for Probate filings go to (Court costs may vary)
Please call for an appointment for an estate matter.

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