*Magistrate Court

Jennifer Webb, Chief Magistrate
Lew Barrow, Magistrate

Beth Moore, Chief Clerk
Ally Howard, Clerk

Located at 102 North College Street, Hamilton
Mailing address PO Box 347, Hamilton, GA 31811

Phone 706-628-4977
FAX 706-628-5416

Open Monday-Friday
Hours 8 – 5

Magistrate Court handles a variety of civil and criminal issues. For civil matters, the Court handles claims not exceeding $15,000, Trover complaint, personal property foreclosures, mechanics’ liens, abandonment of vehicles, dispossessory (statutory eviction), and garnishments. For criminal matters, the Court handles preliminary and first appearance hearings (felony and misdemeanor), extradition hearings, warrant applications, good behavior warrants, bad check warrants. The Court cannot handle claims exceeding $15,000, divorces, temporary protective orders, restraining orders, and land disputes. The Staff of the Magistrate Court will assist you in any way possible, however, the Judges nor the Clerks are allowed to give legal advice. Should you have more procedural questions, seek the advice of an attorney.

To file claims on-line: