The Harris County 911 Center has replaced its aging telephone and computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems with a new and modern state-of-the-art Next Generation 911 telephone and CAD system. With the assistance of Tusa Consulting, who guided the county through the highly technical process of procuring and installing the appropriate equipment and ensuring the county is getting its money’s worth, the new system became operational during early February 2018. The $275,252 investment in the 911 Center will make the Center more efficient in answering landline calls, cellphone calls, and now text messages and dispatching appropriate emergency response teams. Monty Davis, 911 Director, has stated that with these major upgrades, the county’s communication officers can get help to the citizens and visitors faster and more accurately. All of the communications officers enjoy the benefits that the new systems offer. They do not have to look through books, printed maps, or troll through old Rolodexes looking for information. The new modern system, that can locate callers with much more accuracy than the previous system, will last many years.